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Your Health & Dental Plan at a Glance!

To help students pay for the health services they need, a collective Health & Dental Plan has been put in place by your student association. This group Plan is unique in that it helps fill the gaps in provincial health care while offering coverage that is competitively priced. The coverage includes health, dental, vision, and travel benefits. The Plan covers the unexpected and provides you with preventive care services to keep you in good health.

Available Coverage Types Your Plan1
(CSI Student Plan)
Health Coverage Plus Health Coverage Your Plan1
Prescription Drugs* & Vaccinations up to 80%
annual maximum $2,000
Psychologists/Social Workers per visit 70%
annual maximum $300
Chiropractors per visit 70%
annual maximum $500
Physiotherapists per visit 70%
annual maximum $500
Speech Therapists per visit 70%
annual maximum $300
Naturopaths per visit 70%
annual maximum $500
Registered Massage Therapists per visit 70%
annual maximum $500

Health benefits also covered:

Medical equipment, commercial laboratory tests, ambulance transportation, and more.
*Please note that the dispensing fee is covered up to $8, and NuvaRing is covered at 80% and up to $144 per policy year.

Vision Coverage Plus Vision Coverage Your Plan1
Eyeglasses & Contact Lenses per 24 months $120
Eye Exam per 24 months $100
Travel Coverage Plus Travel Coverage Your Plan1
Travel Health Coverage per trip 120 days
Medical Incident per lifetime $5,000,000
Trip Cancellation per trip $3,000
Trip Interruption per trip $7,500
Dental Coverage Plus Dental Coverage Your Plan1
Annual Maximum per policy year $750
Preventive Services (recall exams, cleanings) 70%
Fillings and extractions 75%
Endodontics and periodontics 10%
Major Restorative (crowns, bridges, dentures) 10%

Dental benefits also covered:

Fluoride treatments, x-rays, scaling, etc.

Legal Protection Legal Protection Your Program1
Legal Representation2
• Fees of lawyers or experts3
• Disbursements
Legal Information
Legal helpline:
1-833-202-4571 (toll-free)


1 - To obtain all of the details of your coverage, please visit Please note that the Legal Protection Program is only available to full-time Fall, Winter, and Spring semester domestic and international students who aren't enrolled in the English for Academic Studies program. 

2 - A lawyer will take charge of proceedings related to the following areas of law: housing, employment, and academic.

3 - Legal representation includes experts’ fees up to a maximum of $1,000.

Additional Information

Group Name: CSI Student Health & Dental Plan

Plan Administrator: Studentcare

Insurance Company (Health & Dental): Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada

Group Number (Health & Dental): 17895

Insurance Company (Travel): Blue Cross

Group Number (Travel): 97180