The Change-of-Coverage & Opt-Out Period for your school is now over.

Please check your student account to confirm if you’ve been charged the Plan fees. If you weren’t automatically billed, you may be eligible to enrol yourself in the Plan.

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As Plan members, students who successfully enrol themselves in the Plan may also choose to enrol their spouse and/or dependent children in the Plan.

All enrolments must be completed before September 19, 2023

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Do you have questions? 1 866 416-8707 Mon to Fri, 9 am to 5 pm

Where can I find my student ID number?

You can find your student ID number on your student ID card, by contacting your school, or by visiting your school's online web portal.

When I log in, can I use a personal email or just a university email?

You can use any email that you like! Just make sure the one you use is one that you will check regularly, as we will be sending you updates and confirmations regarding the changes you make to your coverage.

When can I change my coverage?

You may make changes to your coverage during the Change-of-Coverage Period from Aug. 29 - Sept. 19, 2023.

Can I enrol my family in the Plan?

As long as you're eligible for coverage, your spouse and/or dependent children can be covered too! Common law couples are eligible.